MOD. Ethos Public Forum #4: DIY DNA

We presented our research at a public forum exploring DIY DNA for the MOD. Ethos Public Forum #4.

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MOD. Museum of Design (University of South Australia, Adelaide). 18 November, 2021

Ethos Public Forums support conversation about future-focused ethical issues relating to research, technological development and the broader social context. Each forum focuses on an object as the starting point.

From the event organisers:

Do you like to keep your genetic material to yourself, or at least your nearest and dearest? Do you worry about your DNA heading out into the world and getting up to no good?

Join Professor Leanne Dibbens from UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences and Dr Eric Hsu from UniSA Justice & Society to find out more about what our genetic materials says about us, and consider the moral and legal implications of digging into our heredity.

The forum will begin with a provocation video by Dr Helen Pynor and Dr Jimmy Breen about how they collected, extracted and sequenced their own DNA just by breathing. This video is an outcome of a Synapse residency supported by ANAT and the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI).